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Under this heading I've put a couple of links to very interesting sites, dealing with the emergent states of being in current humanity. Spiral Dynamics by Clare W. Graves.It also includes a link to the work of Arthur M. Young, a little known philosopher and cosmologist who -besides being the inventor of the Bell-helicopter- developed the theory of process, including the sevenfold arc of stages of process.

Promising research links

Article of mine on organization and process-theory

Ever expanding file of examples and links pertaining to process philosophies

Darwin's evolution theory in deep trouble

Gottfried de Purucker

Gottfried de Purucker has presented an alternative evolution-theory based on esoteric philosophy, based on Mdm. Blavatsky. He is probably the best writer in the field of esotericism. See link below.
evolution text G de Purucker

Douglas Dewar

Douglas Dewar's transformist's illusion

Some small notes of mine

Below you find some notes of mine on science, reductionism and holistic science.

Analogies unveiled. Process Theory

Summary of an article on holistic science
Schematic overview of holistic vs reductionist science